Tuesday, December 13, 2005

birthday baby doll

I made this doll for Zora's first birthday. She is to cuddle and sleep with. Here she is with hood down:I was very impressed with myself, because I crocheted her little cap of hair - and it turned out good. I am not much of a crocheter.

Zora fell in love with her right away - even when she had no body or hair. I left her like this for a day, and Zora played with her and hugged and kissed her. I considered just leaving her a head - but hoped that Zora would love her as much once she was finished. She still hugs her, but I think she might have liked her a little better in her original form.

I love how loving and kind Zora is. She is very good at expressing this with her huge hugs (with pats and sighs added). She hugs people, toys, animals, and even rocks sometimes.


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