Saturday, March 22, 2008

self striping sock obsession

I have been obsessed with self striping socks lately - not really for me, just for Z. They make really cute kid socks! I think I had an aversion to this yarn until recently - like they looked too store-bought or something?
here are the first couple of pairs - more to come in near future.

simple stripes orange socks 1

(see, there is that bruise I mentioned in the legwarmer post, along with a bandage covered scrape on the other side).

simple stripe socks primary 2

These looked really cute with the outfit she was wearing the other day, as well - so here they are in action:

simple stripes socks at the park

simple stripes socks at park 2

and why not include these?

simple stripes primary 3

simple stripes primary 4

Unfortunately, this simple stripe sock yarn from KnitPicks is discontinued.


Blogger scarletti said...

The socks look great. Oh little people grow big bruises don't they. Try witch hazel next time(that's what its called in the UK) applied soon after the hurt it helps bring down the bump and colour and soreness.
I can't believe the sun and warmth and cotton you are wearing real time...I look on longingly at your pictures of blue!!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Emmitsworld said...

how hilarious. My Mom bought a huge batch of that self striping yarn from Knit Picks before they stopped selling it and so Emmit and Asher have matching socks with Zora!!! We are moving to Orcas!!! Come visit! Jesica

6:50 AM  

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