Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dress for Zora - Kate

Here is my third post in a row. The thing is, I have been making so many things for the baby in the last two weeks and Jenny hasn't seen any of it yet! Fortunately, I am going to visit her in a few days, and will be able to show her these things in person. Also, we will be frequenting her LYS - Hill Country Weavers, and buying yarn for way too many new projects!

This is a dress that I made for Zora to wear when she is about 18 months old, I think. I like toddlers in dresses a lot more than little babies in dresses. It is actually a dress and an under skirt (separate) - so that I can mix and match underskirts. I am almost finished with Dress #2 (identical but with different fabric), and the underskirt will go with that too.

OH, Hurray - UPS just drove up with many treasure for me! I went a little crazy last week, ordering supplies for projects. I recieved my hemp fleece stash from Hemp Traders (for making more diapers); the yarn to make another raglan sweater for Zora from the Knitting Garden; and gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric, called Kyoto Paisley from Cia's Palette- to make a diaper bag (Amy Butler's Nappy Bag) OR a sling - not sure yet, but must decide soon!
Here is the fabric (wrapped up so nicely):


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