Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Koigu Kersti Pants for Zora - Kate

Here are some pants I made for Zora using a pattern Jenny made for me and some Koigu Kersti wool. I wish this yarn wasn't so hard to get - but it is probably good that it is (otherwise I would spend all of my money on it, and have thirty pairs of baby pants).

Oh, and here is the first pair of newborn sized pants that Jenny made (my foot there as reference).


Blogger GospelHead said...

When you use the Koigu Kersti yarn, do you use two strands instead of one? I started a soaker using one hank, but it seemed so thin, so I used my other hank and of course had to order more so I could finish the pants. I'm just curious as to what you did. Thanks, Kellie

8:44 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

No, I used one strand, and they don't really work well as soaker pants - but they are cute. I put a bummis cover on underneath. You weren't using the Koigu KPPM, were you?

10:28 PM  

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