Monday, November 01, 2004

Rainbow Skirt for Becky (by Jenny)

I had some leftover rainbow yarn (organic merino wool dyed with Koolaid and Wilton icing color) so I decided to make Becky a skirt with it. I used size 13 circular needles. Cast on 89 stitches, rib 3 rows P2,K1 ribbing, then 38 rows in stockinette. I'll take a picture of her in it soon. I left the top basically unfinished, with the waist-tie just running through the open loops at the top, in case I ever want to convert it into a full dress with the top added. I didn't have enough yarn dyed for that, and am waiting for a new shipment of the Treliske yarn before I can dye more yarn. Unfortunately their mill was flooded recently. The family is so nice so I felt bad hearing about that. I should have the new yarn soon though!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(danielle again with no blogger account)
This is way cool. I have been trying to design a skirt but I want it to have like a panty panel if that makes sense to cover the crotch. Ideas?

5:42 AM  

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