Sunday, November 05, 2006

Small's new outfit

The first doll I ever made for Zora is named Small. Here she is, right after I made her.
I was really proud of her at the time, but since then, have always been bothered by her proportions. Her arms are just way (way!) too long, for example. Or, her legs are too short. Or, her head is too small. So, of course, she is Zora's favorite doll, and as of late, her absolutely favorite toy. With her new ballet craze, Small has come in particularly handy. She dances Small all over the house, swinging her by her too-long arms (which are actually perfect for her now that this is her primary function). So, the problem was, Zora didn't feel that Small's outfit was right for a ballerina. She has been a naked ballerina for weeks. But Zora wanted her to have a diaper - so the other morning, I made her a diaper.
Small's diaper
It was so great, because it was the first time that I made something for Zora, in front of Zora, that she had asked for (well, besides socks). She was so excited as I put the snaps on. Then, I decided, why stop there, so I whipped her up a little ballerina outfit out of the hem of one of my old skirts and the cut-off long sleeve of one of Zora's old shirts.
Small's ballet costume
Oh my, does she love this outfit! She immediately took her up and started doing lifts and turns and swinging her about.
dancing with Small 2
dancing with Small 1
dancing with Small 3
Her feet have barely touched the ground since.
Speaking of feet, I made her some shoes (by Z's request) the next afternoon before we took Small to the library with us. SO cool. I have so been looking forward to making doll clothes for and with Zora - it is the beginning of an era, I can feel it!
After their dance session, Zora showered Small with gifts (all of her halloween booty!), and then read her a book.
reading to Small


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small looks beautiful...I was wondering if you could just switch her too long arms with her too short legs? And I almost freaked when I saw the globe ball in the chair (?) I thought it was a bowling ball and I was preparing to be quite jealous! I'm sure Zora was mightly impressed by your creativity...I know I am!

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