Thursday, July 10, 2008

new doll, new crafting opportunities

My sister gave Zora a new doll when we were in TX a few weeks ago. Such a great doll - Kathe Kruse Lolle..she is big and soft and has really nice hair. Oh, and rainboots!
So, I have been enjoying making clothing for her.

First, there were the matching strawberry dresses:
matching dresses
lolly dress

Next came the sleeping bag - made out of Zora's old crib edge padding thing I made that was never used:
lolly sleeping bag
lolly sleeping bag 2

And finally, a pair of jeans (Zora had said "she needs pants, she doesn't have any pants!):
lolly jeans

And here is Zora's doll having a tea party with Becky's new doll:
texas summer 048
(yes, she even has fairy wings!)

Now I need to work on some clothes for Becky's doll. She wants a soccer outfit and a knight's costume.


Blogger Amelah said...

that is soo cool! I never had matching clothes to my dolls!

10:20 AM  

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