Wednesday, August 02, 2006

finished log-cabins

oh, about 3 or 4 months ago...
I forgot to take pictures of these - I just wrapped them up and gave them to my husband on his birthday in late April. He hasn't worn them yet - being summer. Plus, I want to add leather bottoms to them.

I loved making these socks, and think I will make myself some as well. I used the Cascade Pastaza (which they called for), but I used size 7 needles - Lee has big feet. They fit perfectly. I think you could use any heavy worsted superwash wool to make a washable version - just so long as you get the gauge by changing needles if necessary. The Pastaza is 4 st per inch with size 9 needles -it is considered heavy worsted to bulky in size. I think I will try to find myself some superwash - I like my socks machine washable! But as slippers, like these will be, it might not be such a big deal - and the Pastaza is super soft and cushie - I love it.

Thanks to Siri for bringing these socks back to my attention - she just commented on my initial post, and made me realize that I never put an update. I find it is pretty difficult to stay up to date on this blog, to read other blogs, to still create, and to take care of Zora! When given the choice between blogging and knitting while she is napping, I most often choose knitting. Definitely never cleaning!


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wonderful socks for a wonderful guy!!

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