Saturday, February 18, 2006


Zora took one look at this the other day and signed "sock." Well, actually she did the sign for "shoe" because she calls both socks and shoes "shoe." I was so proud, she could already tell it was going to be a sock!
I got some more Trekking XXL to make more mommy/baby socks. Zora's are finished, but mine got a slow start. I must have knit to about this point and then frogged the whole thing 6 times, because I couldn't decide on a stitch pattern. Zora's are a simple seed stitch rib pattern - but when I tried that on the larger pair, it didn't do much for the yarn. I have finally (I think) settled on a simple lace rib pattern, with the lace in the purl part of the ribbing. It looks nice.
The colorway is 107, and it is the perfect combo for me - pink and green. When I was little, my room was painted pink and green (at my request).


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