Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Meet "Go-Go Baby"

Here is Zora's newest baby - we are calling him/her(not sure yet) "Go-Go Baby" after the main character in one of our current favorite books from the library. Zora pushes "Go-Go Baby" all around the house in her new baby stroller, just as the baby in the book gets pushed all over the place. She loves this one, probably most of all. So do I. She sleeps with him/her. It is her first lovie item - well, third if you count Lee and I as the first 2. She found "Go-Go Baby" wrapped up like this one morning, and was very excited.


Blogger Chickenbells said...

ahhh...what a wonderful baby! I'm sure the new addition to your family is much loved!

6:26 PM  

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