Tuesday, November 15, 2005

first hat of the winter - Kate

Here is the first hat for this winter - I feel like I may get a bit addicted to making hats this winter, they are so fast and easy, and you can use fancy expensive yarn.
I made up the pattern for this one. Not really a pattern, I just knit it in the round, then did a couple of quick decrease rows (K2tog, k2; k2tog, k2) - then once the top was the width I envisioned, I just knit around for about an inch and a half, then a couple of decreases with k2together, every stitch. I was going for an architectural Taj Mahal type look. I was mostly successful, but I might try again with some different yarn, because I think I can make it look closer like what I wanted next time. It would be a cute felted hat too. Like I said, I might be a bit addicted to hats for a while.
I used a ball of Noro (I think it was Kureyon, can't recall). I love it more than I thought I would when I purchased it 2 years ago! It was just waiting to be made into a little hat for my Z. It was so fun to discover the colors as it knit up - It was a big surprise every time the color shifted.

It looks like she likes it, but really she is getting ready to rip it off. Now though, as long as she is sufficiently distracted when we put it on, she will leave it alone most of the time.
I went a little crazy with the photos - I just love how the hat turned out, it is so cute on her!

Here we are, ready to go out into the chilly morning for our swim:

Oh, here is an aerial view: