Saturday, August 04, 2007

more sewing

dress 3
I found the perfect pattern for dresses, and before my sewing room was finished I went to the fabric store during a huge sale and got a lot of discounted fabric to make quite a few of them in different colors.
Here is the first. I think the fabric was $1-$2 for this one!
We both love it.
dress 2
Simplicity 5695

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Clown

Clown Costume
McCalls 3306
Size 4 (so she can have plenty of use, size 2 would fit better now).
Now for the wig and clown nose.

cute clown

clown arms

clown costume back

cheeky clown

Dream Come True

These pics don't do it justice, but I had to put something up.
sewing room 2
sewing room 1

Z and I went off to Prescott for 1.5 weeks while Lee stayed home and worked on the house. He changed our dining room/playroom into 2 separate rooms - the dining room is still there, but now there is a sewing room/computer room on the other side.

He even put that wood flooring in that I have been wanting. It is so perfect! I don't want to hang out anywhere else! When we were talking on the phone, once he had mostly finished with it, he said, "I think I just made your dreams come true," and he was right. I am so excited to sew again!

I actually already made Zora something in there. A clown costume:
clown costume

This change also created a new room for Zora, because he moved all of the computer stuff out of that room, and it is all for Z now. Pics of that to come.

Thank you Lee!