Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rockport Socklets

I made these socks from some ArtYarns I bought in Corpus Christi, while visiting there and Rockport with my sister and nieces. This colorway reminds me of the water we played in at Rockport beach. I used the baby cable stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.
rockport socks 1
I ran out of yarn at the toe on the second one, and so had to use a tiny bit from the other skein of artyarns I bought there, to finish it off.
rockport socks 2

self striping sock obsession

I have been obsessed with self striping socks lately - not really for me, just for Z. They make really cute kid socks! I think I had an aversion to this yarn until recently - like they looked too store-bought or something?
here are the first couple of pairs - more to come in near future.

simple stripes orange socks 1

(see, there is that bruise I mentioned in the legwarmer post, along with a bandage covered scrape on the other side).

simple stripe socks primary 2

These looked really cute with the outfit she was wearing the other day, as well - so here they are in action:

simple stripes socks at the park

simple stripes socks at park 2

and why not include these?

simple stripes primary 3

simple stripes primary 4

Unfortunately, this simple stripe sock yarn from KnitPicks is discontinued.

finally, a picture of the legwarmers!

legwarmers rainbow 2

or two!

legwarmers rainbow

Both pics have such character, with her little feet expressions. Oh, and check out those bruises. You should see the one the legging is covering up.