Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cutest thing I ever made

I think I have done it - made the cutest thing in the history of my crafting madness......a Peter Pan costume for Zora's boy doll. She already had a good "Wendy" doll, from my sister...then was gifted this boy over the summer. She insisted we turn him into Peter Pan, and I deliver:
the boy who can fly
complete with shoes made out of scrap leather, a little pouch to carry tinkerbell in, and a little garland. Entire project made from stash yarn and my imagination - in just a few hours. I have had this yarn since I first learned to knit, and am so pleased I never got rid of it in one of my stash cleanses. It is 2 strands held together - one with that crazy yarn with bits, the other some variegated greens wool/cotton blend. I had EXACTLY enough to finish it and the garland, and no more.
Can you tell I am proud of this one?
So proud I had to have a little photo shoot fun.
off we go
buttons in back
a kiss from Wendy
we can fly

ps...her favorite Peter Pan (besides books) is currently the live action film made several years ago. It is really good. There is a big kiss in it (not just a thimble), and Zora has been imitating that kiss on me and those she loves, regularly. It lasts approximately 15 seconds, and I have told her that she is not allowed to kiss the kids (or her teachers) at school in this way! Scandalized!

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Shrinky Dink Madness

E and I have been home these 2 weeks before she starts school. What have we been doing with our precious time? Making Shrinky Dink necklaces and bracelets, of course.

We have been obsessed with book characters and themes:

Especially Elephant and Piggy book characters:


She even made a matching Twilight set (necklace and bracelet) for her best friend (who is into Twilight, obviously)- then a bookmark (same as necklace) for her mom (a more closeted Twilight fan - not inclined to wear it in public otherwise!):

And I made a Peter Pan necklace for my Peter Pan obsessed daughter:

We made many others - such as Frog and Toad, Green Eggs and Ham, etc. etc. I think we are done now!
We also went to Zora's school and did them with the preschoolers one morning.