Friday, January 27, 2006

Mother Bear - Maybe

I made this bear for the Mother Bear Project. I was very careful to keep him out of Zora's view, so that she wouldn't fall in love with him. Then, once he was made, I realized how much I hated the color combo that I chose - his yellow shirt and sea green pants. I thought he was pretty ugly. So, I made him a skirt! Now he is just lovely! It is amazing what a plum colored skirt will do to a bear! It brought the other colors together perfectly. Unfortunately, Zora saw him as I was knitting the skirt onto him, and it was love at first sight. Now I am not sure if she will be able to let him go all the way to Africa.
I might just have to make another bear to send off. And be more careful next time! I still haven't decided.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Corners of my home - weeks one and two

Week 2:
I am participating in a flickr group started by soulemama called Corners of My Home. The idea is to honor the places in our homes that we are especially fond of. These are my contribution for this week - our newly established side yard. Zora's daddy just put up that little picket fence (soon to be gated) so that she'd have a safe, sticker free place to roam. There are big plans for this area - soon to be our one little area of grass (Arizonaans) and a little play house will be built there in the far corner, with a little sandbox next to it. And, we can eat lunch out there. Can you believe that we are able to have lunch outside in our t-shirts in January? Our extreme stay-inside- weather will come in the summertime. Now, we are livin it up!
The first week I posted these of the wall of plants in our bedroom:

jeans from jeans

Here we have some jeans I made for Zora out of some of my old pre-pregnancy jeans. I don't think they would have ever made it past my knees again, so they were turned into our favorite baby jeans. I used the bottoms - so I only had to sew up the crotch and waistband - they were already hemmed at the bottom and seamed at the sides. I don't like the store-bought jeans for babies, because they seem so cumbersome with all of their pockets and buttons and frills. Here they are serving their purpose - getting dirty:

Friday, January 06, 2006


Here is a purse that I started to make on the day I went into labor. I made most of it, and then put it aside to finish the next day. The next day I had a baby! I found it the other day and finished it. This one is actually for me! Very pink. When I found it unfinished, I was a little startled by the colors - but now that it is finished, I love it. I think it will be yet another knitting bag.

Monday, January 02, 2006

mommy and baby socks!

I just finished our matching socks, and we love them! These were made with the Trekking XXL 100, if you want to know. I saw Shelby's pair on her blog a year ago, and loved them so much, I had to have some. And through our correspondence about the socks, she became my very first internet friend! As it turns out, we had already met in person a couple of years before! Bizarre! Anyway, I finally got around to making mine, and when I finished, I realized that there was probably enough left for some little Zora socks too! And, it was a blast trying to take photos of our feet together today (there are A LOT more pictures than this).
Lee came home, and was able to take a few as well!