Friday, August 20, 2004

Organic wool pants - Jenny

This is a test pair of Full Belly Farm organic wool pants. The wool has a nice look to it with the Koolaid dye. The wool is a little scratchier than I'm used to, but Becky doesn't seem to mind!

another day, another color shirt - Jenny

Here's our favorite pink shirt (I made two). We also have several colors of the wool soaker shorts, but she's wearing the same pair as yesterday in this photo.

Knit soaker and shirt - Jenny

Here's Becky in one of her typical outfits for summer. I made a few of the shirts in different colors using the Cotton Soft yarn, and the soaker shorts are made from Cascade 220 wool yarn. I also wanted to show this photo to show off her new favorite shoes (Shoo Shoos).

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another Ripley Hat - Jenny

I finished this Ripley Hat on our trip to the northwest coast last week (lots of time to knit). It turned out a little too small so I already made an identical bigger one for her, and her younger sister can wear this one next year (or Zora can if it fits her sooner - maybe felted it would be cute as a tiny hat, but I'm not sure if Kate would like the colors of this one, so I plan to make others in colors she chooses during her visit next week - yippee can't wait to see her!).

Little Bucket Hat for Becky - Jenny

Here's a photo of Becky wearing the little bucket hat by Little Turtle Knits (slightly modified because I ended up making it too big at first so I just cinched it up sooner at the top). Also it hasn't been washed yet to shape it. I made it with the soft Blue Sky organic cotton, worsted weight 100grams+150yds. The yarn was a bit too stretchy though so the hat won't hold its shape, but it was fun to use the soft yarn.

Dress for Zora - Kate

Here is my third post in a row. The thing is, I have been making so many things for the baby in the last two weeks and Jenny hasn't seen any of it yet! Fortunately, I am going to visit her in a few days, and will be able to show her these things in person. Also, we will be frequenting her LYS - Hill Country Weavers, and buying yarn for way too many new projects!

This is a dress that I made for Zora to wear when she is about 18 months old, I think. I like toddlers in dresses a lot more than little babies in dresses. It is actually a dress and an under skirt (separate) - so that I can mix and match underskirts. I am almost finished with Dress #2 (identical but with different fabric), and the underskirt will go with that too.

OH, Hurray - UPS just drove up with many treasure for me! I went a little crazy last week, ordering supplies for projects. I recieved my hemp fleece stash from Hemp Traders (for making more diapers); the yarn to make another raglan sweater for Zora from the Knitting Garden; and gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric, called Kyoto Paisley from Cia's Palette- to make a diaper bag (Amy Butler's Nappy Bag) OR a sling - not sure yet, but must decide soon!
Here is the fabric (wrapped up so nicely):

Wool Soaker - Kate

This is the first wool soaker that I made for Zora (and only one so far). I love the striped butt.

Yarn: "Cotton Candy" from Little Turtle Knits ( and some plain white fishermans wool.

Pattern: My sister's (thanks Jenny!)

Zora's first sweater - Kate

Here is the first baby sweater I made, for my first baby Zora. She is due in December, so I can't post a picture of her in it yet! I LOVE this sweater! It is so soft! I am about to start an identical one in pink, but the pea green is my favorite color.

It is from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits Book.
Yarn: "Pea Green" cashmerino aran (Debbie Bliss)
Size: 0-3 months
Finished in 2 days on August 9th. I love making baby things, they are so quick - even when you do mess up.

Story: I was so excited to make this sweater as my first, but was worried (once I was stitching all of the raglan seams together) that it wouldn't fit over her head! My husband thought it would, but a friend and I both thought that it might not. I really didn't want to risk it, so I took it apart (time-consuming) and unraveled the bind-offs of each piece to re-bind it off more loosely (on a bigger sized needle). Well, then the neck was just HUGE, and I'm sure it would slip off her little shoulders, so I put a ribbon in it. Problem solved, and pretty cute too.

felted hat - Jenny

Here's a photo of Becky on the Oregon beach last week wearing her new felted hat. It's a pattern kit that she picked out herself from Hill Country Weavers. They had a model hat there so she always said, "hat", "hat", and wore it around the store to get compliments from other shoppers. It was really fun to make. It's called the Ripley felted hat, by KnitWits.

Jenny's first blog

Hi! This is Jenny. This is so much fun, thanks to my sister Kate for setting up our blog! Now we can share our obsession with all the other knitting/sewing friends on the web.

Launching Blog

Hi, this is Kate - the younger sister - trying to figure out how this thing works. Never done a blog before, but Jenny and I thought it would be fun to post our knitting and sewing projects - we have so much fun viewing other knitting blogs.