Friday, July 14, 2006

Tropicana Socks -Baby Version

Here are the matching baby Tropicana socks I finished a while back - I made a baby version of the adult sock pattern - I will put it up on the site soon.

Here they are with shoes!
Here is a close up of the pattern (adult size)

Baby's baby sling

When I asked Jenny what I should make for Becky this time, she thought that she'd really enjoy a sling for Cricket. I decided to make one for Zora too, and she loves it! She immediately knew what it was, and carried that baby all over the place.

Go-Go Baby's cousin

Here is a doll I made for Julie - we are excited to be finally meeting her tomorrow when we fly to Austin. She is really cute - a little smaller than Go-Go baby, with loopy yarn hair. Hopefully Zora won't go nuts when she sees her (I have been keeping her carefully hidden so Zora won't fall in love).

hand puppets

I made these cute hand puppets last week for Zora and I to take on the plane tomorrow. I used the pattern in Family Circle Easy Toys : 25 Delightful Creations to Knit and Crochet for the big one, and then modified it to be smaller for Zora's hand. It was pretty easy to alter. The eyes are felt and the eyelashes are black embroidery floss.