Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Red

* I posted this on my family blog, but figured I would just paste it into here as well, since it is actually about a knitting project:
little red front
I just finished this hooded cape for Zora - not as a costume, just something for our mild winter. I can picture her wearing it to the park or the library.
She was thrilled with it, and played out the whole story with Daddy as the big bad wolf.
red riding hood basket
little red knocks
little red with wolf
little red

There was one big twist to the story though - she didn't need the woodsman (played by me) to chase the wolf away....she can do it herself, because - as she says - "I'm brave!"
little red is mad
(this is her, telling the wolf off. I didn't get any shots of her chasing him around and beating the heck out of him. Beware any big bad wolves that meet Z!)

If you didn't notice, I found a clasp with wolf heads for the closure on the cape (my favorite detail):
red riding shock

pattern: Little Red found here: http://www.fortheloveofyarn.com/Issues/08Winter/patterns/littlered.shtml

yarn: knitpicks swish superwash worsted - reddest of the bunch (a little over 3 balls)

needles: 8