Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Koigu Kersti Pants for Zora - Kate

Here are some pants I made for Zora using a pattern Jenny made for me and some Koigu Kersti wool. I wish this yarn wasn't so hard to get - but it is probably good that it is (otherwise I would spend all of my money on it, and have thirty pairs of baby pants).

Oh, and here is the first pair of newborn sized pants that Jenny made (my foot there as reference).

Kate's Amy Butler Nappy Bag

Here is my finished nappy bag (http://www.artofthemidwest.com/amybutler/pattern_display.phtml?id=16). It took about a day and a half to make. I just love it - it looks great. I changed the pockets a little bit, because in the pattern, the bottle pockets covered up some of the inside pockets - making them impossible to use. I sewed the bottle pockets in a different spot, so that I have 3 pockets per side, and two bottle pockets one on each end. Then, of course, the big main center pocket.
I have ordered some patterns for other bags by Amy Butler. I found her instructions very easy to use!

and inside the nappy bag (turned inside out to see the pockets):

Felted necklace - Kate

Here is a felted necklace I made once I got home from Texas. While there, I got obsessed with these - there were two kits made by Habu Textiles using tsumugi silk and raw wool. I made one each of those, then was on to my own design (this one). I plan to make a lot more - for myself and for presents.

Striped pants to go with Green Sweater

I finished the striped pants while in Texas. I am almost finished with the hot pink sweater that will also go with them.