Sunday, March 26, 2006

mommy and baby socks, round 2

Well, here they are - our new set of matching socks. I love these. They are different, but really complement each other, I think. Even though I used a totally different stitch pattern for them, they look pretty much the same. Mine have a simple lace rib pattern (round 1 = k2, p2; round 2 = k2, YO, p2 together; round 3 = k2, p2; round 4 = k2, p2 tog, YO) and Zora's have a seed stitch rib pattern (round 1 = k3, p1 repeat; round 2 = knit all).

I made these both a bit bigger than our last matching set - I made my cuffs about an inch longer than the last, and Zora's are a little bigger so that they will fit her longer. Of course, about midway through my first adult sock, I realized that by making both pairs bigger, I might run out of yarn! So, I made started the second adult sock with some distress. Then a friend ordered the same color for some socks she wants to make, and said if I needed a little, it was mine. As it turns out, I was left with about 4 yards of yarn when I tied off the toe of my second sock! I am tempted to photograph this miniscule puddle of yarn to post here, just so you can see how close it really came, but I am lazy. You just have to take my word for it!

I am really happy with these.

OMG, Cables are so easy!

Here is the beginning of my first Log Cabin Sock - from Handknit Holidays. These are for Lee, and we are going to put some leather soles on them to make slippers. I am further along than this picture now, getting ready to turn the heel soon.
But here is the beginning: