Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zebra Jaywalkers

Finally! Here are the pictures of my Jaywalkers. As usual, Lee took way too many good photos for me to choose from. I like this one with the dog behind me. Maybe she wants some zebra socks too? And some more of Zora's too:
I am thinking about frogging Zora's and knitting them a bit larger in the leg. They fit good once they are on, but they are pretty hard to get on. Luckily, they are tiny and shouldn't take long to re-knit.

knitty contest

I entered these pictures of Zora's pinafore into the Knitty Calendar Contest. It was a good thing too, otherwise I don't know if I would have ever gotten around to photographing her in it now (I posted pics last year of her as a wee thing in it. It is really cute over this dress. I made both things while I was pregnant, and this was the first time she wore the dress.

It is the Anouk Pinafore from Knitty.