Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jen and Kate Knitting

Here's a photo of us knitting together in Arizona during the week of Kate's baby shower.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

baby blankets - Kate

Here is the folded up, finished quilt. The hot pink backing fabric is so soft. It is called Minkee dot fabric

I created a new blog - one for Zora updates and photos. There is a link to it on the left margin - check it out. I think this will be a good way for Lee and I to keep everyone posted on current events, and a place for us to post the thousands of photos we will undoubtedly be taking once she arrives.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Becky wearing rainbow skirt (by Jenny)

Koolaid green longies for Zora (by Jenny)

These are some newborn organic merino wool soaker pants (dyed with Koolaid) for Zora. I'm getting so excited that Zora will be here soon. She's really already here but we just can't see her yet! I got to feel her kicking when Kate was here for a visit a couple months ago. How exciting!

Rainbow Skirt for Becky (by Jenny)

I had some leftover rainbow yarn (organic merino wool dyed with Koolaid and Wilton icing color) so I decided to make Becky a skirt with it. I used size 13 circular needles. Cast on 89 stitches, rib 3 rows P2,K1 ribbing, then 38 rows in stockinette. I'll take a picture of her in it soon. I left the top basically unfinished, with the waist-tie just running through the open loops at the top, in case I ever want to convert it into a full dress with the top added. I didn't have enough yarn dyed for that, and am waiting for a new shipment of the Treliske yarn before I can dye more yarn. Unfortunately their mill was flooded recently. The family is so nice so I felt bad hearing about that. I should have the new yarn soon though!